Sunday, 20 January 2013

Raising Cruelty Free chickens Part 4

Raising Cruelty Free Chickens part 4
Well the little Guys are now 4 weeks old a little bigger a few more feathers.And very active running around flapping and stirring dust.
These guys eat their way through 2 cups of food a day at the moment. They are fed Organic feed which the price is skyrocketing.
So the little hens will start to lay in another 16 to 18 weeks .Approximately 20 to 22 weeks old. So here is this week’s photos.
Enjoy :)

I am A porcupine Cant wait to see what this one looks like full grown

OK guys how do we get out of here
Look Yella I know you have a way of busting out of here you need to show us all

First you jump up on the feeder dont poo in it that just gets Him Mad
Then you flap your way up to here see Easy

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