Sunday, 13 January 2013

Raising Cruelty Free feathers part 3

Well I need to apologise as I did not post anything last week. This will get a little boring and repetative untill the little ones start displaying thier personalities. Some allready have like escaping their barrier and then crying shrilly that they need help and then promptly running away when the big bad man comes in to rescue them.
So as I said earlier I have no Idea who is male or female at this pint in time but here is my best guess based on feather development and size.
5 boys 4 girls

So I leave you with some photos you can see that they have grown and now at 3 weeks are 90% covered in feathers instead of down. We may have at least 1 barred rock in this mix time will tell.

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  1. Nice job Henry...I'm sure your little chickies are very happy!!!!